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PORTFOLIO / PC game, Mikes space arena
Solo project
Platform: PC
Genre/type: Arcade
Game engine: love2d
Project duration: 5 days
Team size: 1
My role/roles: Everything
Space arena game made in love2d. Play as a small cube that can shot bullets in 4 directions (up, down, left and right). Charge bullets to a more powerful state and inflict more damage and recoil force. Gain as much score you can by killing enemies that uses the same mechanics and physics as you do.

Game mechanics:
- Bullets that successfully hit targets will apply force to that target in the same direction the bullet traveled.
- Shooting bullets will create a recoil effect for the shooter and add force in the opposite direction the bullet travels in.
- By not using the shot mechanic the player and enemies can charge bullets. They will grow in size, do more damage and add more recoil force.
- Colliding with the grey wall will make enemies and the player bump back in the opposite direction.

Watch the game play video here.

Check out code snippets from the game here.
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