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PORTFOLIO / Battle royale map for CSGO
Solo project
Platform: PC
Genre/type: First person shooter
Game engine: Source
Project duration: 14 weeks
Team size: 1
My role/roles: Everything
This is the second battle royale map I made for Counter Strike: Global offensive. It was released in January 2017.

Level design:
You spawn in one of 7 zones that exists in the map. Each zone uses a specific weapon class and players can only use selected weapons from that class. After a set time the electrifying process begins and zones will be electrified one by one and make the space smaller for all players alive. The level can hold up to 32 players and the last survivor wins.

Before the electrifying starts it will be announced by sound and text. A "mini map" located in the game world exist, that will display zones that already been electrified, and the next zone that will be electrified. When you move to other zones you go through teleports that will give you the specific weapon related to the zone your teleporting to. You also get 750hp under 2 seconds for protection against potential campers in the new zone. After a teleport is used it will be disable for 5 seconds, after that it will be enabled again. The map is versatile and can disable zones if not enough players are meet at the beginning of a round. If a zone is disabled players cant enter it and the time before the whole map is electrified will be shorter.

Currently over 50.000 subscribers at steam workshop.

Watch the gameplay video here.
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