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PORTFOLIO / Battle royale map for CSGO
Solo project
Platform: PC
Genre/type: First person shooter
Game engine: Source
Project duration: 10 weeks
Team size: 1
My role/roles: Everything
This is a battle royale map/mod made for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The first public release was made in 13 august 2015 in steam workshop.

Why did I decide to make this mod?
Back in 2015 H1Z1 introduced me for the battle royale game concept. After playing it for a while I realized that this type of gameplay can be made in so many different ways. And I wanted to do something similar that had more action, faster matches and less time spent looting.

The level design:
All players starts in the outer edges of the map. The level design consists of 4 different zones thats color coded. Each zone will be electrified after a set time, pushing all players to the middle of the level, making the space smaller. Guns can be obtained by touching different weapon plates. Weapon plates are also color coded and contains different weapon types. Touching any weapon plate will give the player a random weapon within that weapon type. For example, touching a SMG weapon plate will give the player a random SMG weapon. Players will access stronger weapons the closer to the middle they are.

Currently over 200.000 subscribers at steam workshop.

Youtuber (phantasy) explaining and playing my map.
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