Project end. 12/21
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Yesterday we added the final car dashboard and fixed with some small details. I worked and practiced on the presentation I needed to do by my self because Christos got ill.

I presented our game for around 30 - 40 people that came to see our game projects. Everything went really smooth. The game as a whole feels really nice for the time we had making it.

This was the last official school day for this year. We will see what amazing game projects we will have next year.
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Tuesday 12/18
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The steering wheel broke and are now fixed again. Animated game over screen has been added and a lot of small things and bugs has been fixed. Also most of the tiles are now populated with final props.

I have play tested a lot and done some tweaking. Updated sound files. Also started with an presentation in google slide for our game.

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Thursday 12/13
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Many important things has been fixed today. The car light works as intended, collision works as intended, more tiles with textured props are finish, the steering wheel turns when the player turns the car, zombies has working animations, we have a washer fluid animation. The game really starting to feel like a real game that we can be proud of.

I did ask people if they wanted to play test our game. 13 wanted and I divided them in 6 different groups. And we let those groups play test between 10:00 - 12:00. We got a lot of feedback. For example many thought the washer fluid animation was to long. We also got a lot of great ideas that I hope we can use later. The rest of the day I have been play testing and correcting some sounds.
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Tuesday 12/11
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Smoke effect has been added. Textures for a gas station is soon done. The idle zombie animation is complete. More details on the car dash board has been added. Also the coordinate system works to 75%. It will work in 3 of 4 directions.

My day has been about play testing, tweaking and talking about game mechanics. I feel we got some of the settings right when it comes to car speed. Unfortunately when colliding with one zombie the game thinks we are colliding with multiple zombies. Because of this we cant test the slow mechanic that should happen when hitting a zombie. As it is now the slow will be much stronger because multiple values will stack. It is so strong that sometimes values will got negative and the car will run backwards after colliding with a zombie.
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Monday 12/10
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Delta time is fixed and we can now play test different speed settings without any problems. Textures has been added to the bridge tile. Also textures to some probs as reflex pole, trash bin, billboard and car wrecks have been added.

All sounds is now in the game and working. Some of the sounds will probably be changed in the future if we have time.

Most of my time has been playing the game and testing, sounds, collisions, camera position, different speeds, how fast accelerations should be. I also changed some of the car crash sounds and the sound when washer fluid is empty.

I had an idea we discussed about increasing the max multiplier. At the moment our car dash board only have space for one digit and the multiplier cant go over 9. Players who reaches this limit will not be rewarded after that. I believe we need to add some kind of bonus when players hit a zombie when the multiplier is 9. But remaking the dashboard for 2 digits seems to take more time then I expected and is maybe not a good solution for us. We need to discuss this more tomorrow.
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Friday 12/07
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We added more color depth to the car dashboard.

I personally have done a lot of play testing and tweaking. Testing different camera positions for the player. Also trying to define top speed. But currently the cars acceleration and top speed scales with frames per seconds. This needs to be fixed before we can decide on values like active spawn points and top speed.

We have also discussed some futures for the game and if some mechanics really should be used or not.
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Thursday 12/06
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Menu sounds, in game sounds and a screen shake effect has been added. We also have a mode in game where we load specific tiles and get an overview on all spawn points.

I made a concept in photoshop on how the high score list could look like. Added coordinates for all spawn points on some of the tiles. Bug tested and tweaked a lot.
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Wednesday 12/05
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First version of our car dashboard is finished. A gas station is also soon done with some other props. If you drive throw zombies they will add blood to the windscreen. Also settings has been added to the main menu where you can change volume for the whole game.

I been working nearly the whole day on the first version of our fmod bank file that contains all sounds for the game. And it is complete. Also did some play testing where I populated tiles with 27 zombies and tested what happened. It worked but load times for spawning new tiles increased with 1 - 2 seconds.
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Tuesday 12/04
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The process for making zombie models has been started. Colliding with zombies will now add blood on the windscreen.

We designers have been discussing which sounds should be used. Also searching for more sounds and cutting sounds in audacity. We now have nearly all sound files we need. However that will maybe change later.

I have been learning more about fmod. And Im starting to get some kind of understanding about how to do more advanced stuff compered to before.
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Monday 12/03
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Today was a good day. Our collision problems are hopefully fixed for good! Also sound files from fmod seems to work and we have a main menu in the game.

Artists currently working on more advanced models that we will populate different tiles with. Also the car dashboard is soon completed.

I have been bug testing the game by playing it over, and over again. Im feeling like some kind of QA. I did find some problems do. One was that the coordinate system for spawn points dont change rotation when tiles change rotation. This change the position of spawn points on tiles depending on the rotation tiles has.

Some days ago I wrote a list for everything that will have some kind of sound in the game. Today I found sounds for everything on that list. I have also been looking into fmod more and whats possible to do with it.
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Friday 11/30
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Artists has been doing some more advanced layouts on different tiles.

We have a working high score system. The spawn system works great for zombies and different static objects but our collision system dont work as intended, yet. After that is fixed we can sew together systems and get the game more on track.

I have continued searching for different sounds that can be used in our game. Also I made some updates in the GDD how the acceleration works.
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Tuesday 11/27
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We now have a working system for blood on the car window. Also a spawn system for objects and zombies is almost completed. Only some fine tuning is left.

Artists have been working on the car dash board, concepts on zombies as well as adding more props etc.

I started the day making some updates in the GDD about the blood system. After that I searched for sounds that we will use for the game, I found some that we might use. We also talked about how the game should get harder and what variables should be used to change that difficulty. I also downloaded fmod and tried to understand how it works. I think I can save the audio files in the right format so that the programmers can use it for our game.
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Monday 11/26
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Today some important things has been accomplished. One thing is that our tiles do spawn with the right angle now, and most of the art guide is done.

The spawn system for objects and zombies are also on its way. It will maybe be done tomorrow or Wednesday.

I have been updating the weekly pool on trello for artists. Also defined the blood splatter system that we will use on the car window.

Last week on Friday I wrote a suggestion list on how the score system could work. One of the suggestions I had was to use zombies as a punishment and a reward. Me and Christos talked more about this today and it seems we will use something like this in our game. You will get one point for every second you are alive. But hitting any kind of zombie will add +1 to your points acquired per second. This will also stack and hitting multiply zombies in a time limit can greatly increase your points per second.
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Thursday 11/22
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Today we talked a lot about how the spawning system for different static objects and zombies should work. More about that in the picture.

We have also done some simple play testing with the turning value for the car.

Some problems did occur when spawning tiles. We could not spawn them in the right angle.
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Wednesday 11/21
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We started the day with a stand-up meeting, and talk about what we have done and what we should do today. After that all of us did go to a lecture about Jenkins.

After that artist continued with conception and we designers did go throw the design document and added new things in the assets breakdown.

Programmers did add random spawning for different tiles that will be used in the game environment. Also started with probs spawning and turning function for the car.

Josef did also have a small lecture for me and Christos (the other designer) about TortoiseHG. I personally feel quiet comfortable using it now.

Artist also wanted a meeting where the setting should be discussed more. The updated conclusion from yesterday is that the setting should be more of a horror team in a country road environment. The road should be more narrow compared to what we wanted before. By doing this we hope that we can amplify the horror feeling in the game.
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Tuesday 11/20
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We had a lecture about TortoiseHG and how it works. Beside from that more concepting was made and a country road setting where in focus. Programmers established a working camera for the player. Also a free view camera that can be used to look around at the world.

Some of the concepting I did was how levels can look like by making different parts of roads that can be put together. I also finished coding this blog.
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First post Monday 11/19
Hello and welcome to my blog. It will contain posts mostly about me but also what our group have done from day to day.

Last week all of us students where assigned to one group. After that we designers presented two game ideas we have prepared. Then we started to discuss which idea we wanted and had the most potential becoming a good game in this short time period of 5 weeks. After some reasoning the conclusion was a endless runner where the player controls a car in first person trying to avoid different objects. Pedal to the metal.

This Monday we had lectures about the process and challenges working in a group. Also discussion with teacher about pros, cons and whats technical possible in 5 weeks.

In our group we did talk about the setting and theme for the game. Also what type of objects that should exists in the game world. I did also have some time over starting to code on this simple blog.
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